Orbit Baby G5 Stroller

Product Guide

You’ve picked out a stroller, which we know is no easy feat. Now let’s get it ready to roll.

Here’s How to…

Set Up Your G5 Stroller Frame

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you. And we’ll point out a few key features along the way.


Set Up Your G5 Stroller Seat and Cargo Basket

You can’t have a stroller without a seat. Bonus for the spot to store extra gear.


Open and Close Your G5 Stroller Frame

Be in the know, so there’s no delay when it’s time to go.


G5 Stroller

User Manual

Looking for more help? Check out our detailed guide to parts, pieces, tips, and tricks for using your Orbit Baby products. Once you’re in the know, it’s easy to be on the go!


G5 Stroller FAQ

On uneven terrain, the front wheels can be locked into the front facing position for a smoother ride. To lock the front wheel forward-facing, slide front wheel swivel lock button into the down position and rotate the wheel until you hear a CLICK. To unlock, slide the button into the up position.

The infant insert should be used for children under 15 lbs and only when the shoulder straps are in the lowest position. As your child grows, the insert can be removed, and the shoulder straps adjusted to a higher setting.

Only items made by or specifically approved by Orbit Baby should be used. Added accessories can make the stroller become unstable.

The canopies on the stroller and the car seat are different sizes and are not interchangeable.

High-density and low-resilient memory foam used on the seat insert needs special care. When dirty, use wet cloth and gently wipe out to clean. Dry flat in a cool and shaded area. If dried in direct sunlight, the memory foam may become deformed.

Never use a washing machine and never wring dry.

You can machine wash your stroller seat or car seat lining in cold water on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent. For better results, wash inside a pillowcase and in a front-loading washer is recommended. DO NOT USE BLEACH.

Do not machine dry your liner. Instead, lay the upholstery flat to air dry. Machine drying may cause excessive shrinkage and result in the upholstery not fitting the car seat properly.

See special instructions for the Memory Foam Seat.

1. Remove the support bar and footrest. Undock the stroller seat from the SmartHub. Fold the stroller seat by squeezing the fold slider at the bottom of the stroller seat hub and pushing the hub all the way forward.

2. Put the stroller base handlebars in the lowest position.

3. Remove both of the stroller front wheels by pushing the release button and pulling down on the wheels.

4. Place the folded stroller base with the SmartHub facing up and nest the stroller seat onto it with the stroller seat hub located next to the stroller base twist grip.

5. Orbit Baby recommends always using the Orbit Baby Stroller Travel Bag (sold separately) when traveling to protect your stroller.


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