Orbit Baby G5 Infant Car Seat

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Here’s How to…

Harness Baby in Your G5 Infant Car Seat

Let’s get baby securely fastened in their infant car seat before you go.


Install Your G5 Infant Car Seat Base With the LATCH System

Secure installation can take less than 60 seconds with the LATCH System when you know what to do.  


Install Your G5 Infant Car Seat Base With a Seat Belt

No LATCH System? Here’s how you can use the seat belt for secure installation in less than 60 seconds.


Dock Your G5 Infant Car Seat On Base

Our back-pain-saving design will dock your seat and rock your world.


Adjust Your G5 Infant Car Seat Straps

Custom-fit the seat straps so your baby rides safely from day 1, and know how to adjust as they grow.


Remove and Install Your G5 Infant Car Seat Liner

Whether removing for a quick wash or switching out to Merino Wool, we’ll take you through the simple steps of removing and replacing your car seat liner.


G5 Infant Car Seat

User Manual

Looking for more help? Check out our detailed guide to parts, pieces, tips, and tricks for using your Orbit Baby products. Once you’re in the know, it’s easy to be on the go!


G5 Infant Car Seat FAQ

No. Our Infant Car Seat can only be used rear facing. This is the safest way for your young child to travel.

No. Our car seat is designed so that the upholstery can be removed and installed without affecting the straps. Easy and convenient, unlike the spills and other events that cause it to need a wash.

Only accessories items made by or specifically approved by Orbit Baby should be used.

Only install the car seat in forward-facing vehicle seats. Never install the car seat in side-facing or rear-facing vehicle seats.

Orbit Baby Infant Car Seats are certified for use in an aircraft when used without the Infant Car Seat Base and is labeled as such in red on the car seat side label. Most airlines in the U.S. will allow the use of a car seat that is labeled as an approved child restraint for aircraft use, as it is the safest place for your child to travel in an airplane. Always contact the airline about their car seat policy before traveling and follow their guidelines for car seat use. Please refer to your manual for car seat installation on the airplane. Or contact us with any questions regarding safety or installation.

Visit the FAA's webpage for more details.

Some smaller infants may need a little extra stability from the head support. If the head support no longer fits or is uncomfortable for your child, simply remove the infant head support. For information on how to remove or re-install the head support, see the infant seat owner’s manual.


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