Orbit Baby G5 Bassinet

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Sleep deserves a sacred space. So, we designed our Bassinet with the versatility to keep baby rocking, rolling, and happily dreaming in luxurious comfort.

G5 Bassinet

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G5 Bassinet FAQ

Bassinets can be used until your child is 20 lbs. or able to roll over or push up. For many children, this is about 6 months of age.

No. The Bassinet is not a car seat. Only the Infant Car Seat is approved for use in a motor vehicle.

It's normal for the Bassinet to be slightly tilted on the Rocker when docked parallel to the legs on the Rocker. This is because the hub of the Bassinet is slightly off-center in order to dock properly onto the Stroller Base. You can do two things to level the Bassinet on the Rocker. First, you can engage the anti-rock tabs on the Rocker Base legs, which should help keep the Bassinet more level. Second, you can rotate the Bassinet so it's docked perpendicular to the legs on the Rocker (side-to-side rocking). This perpendicular position is a proper docking position.

Only accessories items made by or specifically approved by Orbit Baby should be used with the Orbit Baby Bassinet.

Pull back the upholstery on the foot end of the bassinet. Pull on the webbing loop to move the black metal bar out from under the plastic clips towards the center of the bassinet. Pull back the upholstery on the other end of the bassinet and pull the black metal bar out from under the plastic clips. To collapse, push down on the bassinet frame and fold the sunshade flat.

The sunshade and outer fabric can be spot cleaned with a clean, wet cloth. The bassinet mattress pad, mattress cover and upholstery can be machine-washed in cold water on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Washing inside a pillowcase and in a front-loading washer is recommended. Line dry. Replace the mattress pad, upholstery and sunshade once cleaned and completely dried. Do not use the bassinet without them.


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